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The Tigerstedt Memorial Chess Set

A creation by John F. Doe, ( 2009)

tmcs-f2.jpg (145176 bytes)

The height of functionality in Retro-Techno Art!

      The chess board consists of alternating two inch squares of wenge and zebrawood with a birch frame.  The chess pieces are set on bases of solid wenge and zebrawood.  The chess set consists of the standard board complement, a promoted piece (queen) for use when necessary, a holding tray for captured pieces and an extra pawn.  Each vacuum tube was carefully chosen to approximate the character of its corresponding traditional chess piece.

     The chess set is named in honor of the Finnish inventor, Eric Magnus Campbell Tigerstedt, who made significant improvements to the triode vacuum tube.

To Boone, wherever you are, thanks again for your work on the chess board.

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  tmcs-kings-tn.jpg (8466 bytes)          tmcs-queensw-tn.jpg (8137 bytes)              tmcs-queensb-tn.jpg (7389 bytes)             tmcs-bishops-tn.jpg (8102 bytes)

Kings       Wenge Queens    Zebrawood Queens       Bishops

      tmcs-knights-tn.jpg (7981 bytes)               tmcs-rooks-tn.jpg (8450 bytes)              tmcs-pawns-tn.jpg (8943 bytes)

Knights                         Rooks                           Pawns

The Vacuum Tube As Art

     Few people these days have ever seen a vacuum tube, let alone had the opportunity to look closely at one and gaze upon the enigmatic world within.  Of the more intricate vacuum tubes, no science fiction writer could begin to imagine or describe such an alien world as exists inside that glass bubble.  Ah! But this was a real world where electrons once flowed creating a miniature light show more stunning than the aurora borealis, bringing us a ghostly image on a TV screen, sound from a hi-fi or perhaps, a blip on a radar scope.  A vacuum tube is a most complex piece of technological art and yet, so few people ever stop to notice.

The Carrying Case

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 tmcs_case-a-tn.jpg (12613 bytes)          tmcs_case-c-tn.jpg (9911 bytes)          tmcs_case-b-tn.jpg (8594 bytes)

     The carrying case is a very old suit case that is in reasonably good condition.  The inside is divided into compartments for the chess pieces and the trays.  There are pillows made of black cotton velvet and quilt batting; one pillow for each side of the chess piece compartment. The major dividers are wood covered with black cotton velvet and the minor dividers are heavy corrugated cardboard..

The Satchel for carrying the chess board

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 tmcs_satchel-a-tn.jpg (9121 bytes)      tmcs_satchel-b-tn.jpg (11169 bytes)      tmcs_satchel-c-tn.jpg (12087 bytes)

Front                       Back                       with the flap open

     Denim was used for the front and sides.  The back is made of upholstery fabric.  The flap and carrying strap are made of steel gray cotton velvet. The inside is lined with black cotton velvet and satin.

Argentum artis inquiries may be directed to:

lcem2.jpg (8646 bytes)

The JPEB Memorial Vacuum Tube Display (another creation by John F. Doe)


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